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STARLIGHT CINEMA IS BACK!  Join us on Thursday at 7 PM and watch a collection of films by Peter Tscherkassky and Pat O'Neill. 

Does the film have a soul? Come see 4 films from 2 masters of found footage, Peter Tscherkassky and Pat O'Neill. These filmmakers use optical printing to rework old films and give them new meaning. In Coming Attractions, people make eye contact across story worlds as if the film reels were talking to each other. In Dream Work, a woman falls into a dream of light and shadow while in Outer Space, another woman attacks the celluloid she is trapped in. These films treat their medium as if it had dreams, memory and a psyche itself. So join us as we take a look at the inner world of film.

Peter Tscherkassky: 
-Dreamwork (for Man Ray) (2001)
-Outer Space (1999)
-Coming Attractions (2010)
Pat O'Neill: 
-Trouble in the Image (1996)

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